Health& Safety Item Checklist



  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Antiseptic/Alcohol Wipes – To clean up any blood/mess from the rats (not on the rats)
  • Terramycin Antibacterial Eye Ointment – For injuries to the eyeball and eyelids
  • Unflavored Childrens Pedialyte – Essential electrolytes can be added directly to water bottle. Great for URIS, strokes, seziures, hard births, babies weaned a bit too soon, or anything where the immune system may be down a bit.
  • Saline Solution – For irrigating wounds, flushing eyes, etc. So long as it has no additives, most saline solutions will work.
  • Vetericyn Spray or Gel – antimicrobial to help prevent wound infection. Great for skin irritation, dryness, etc as well. Safer than triple antibiotic ointment as it’s thinner and less likely to hold in bacteria.
  • Childrens Liquid Motrin (Dye Free) – Pain relief for minor injuries, sprains, etc. Dye free preferred as there are many studies on the negative effects of un-natural dyes (Red40, Yellow 5, etc)
  • Syptic Powder – To stop bleeding with quick nicks, tail wounds, toe bites.
  • 1ml Needleless Syringes – For dosing meds accurately, larger syringes can be much harder to accurately measure
  • Sterile Guaze
  • Tweezers
  • Q-tips

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