Policies and Pricing

Hello! I hope this page helps clear up any questions and provides insight to my practices and policies!

Please note, I am a closed rattery! This means I don’t allow guests to come over and view rats. I instead meet elsewhere on pickup days and practice strict quarantine when brining rats in. This is all to ensure the safety and health of my colony, as well as the security of my home as I run my Rattery out of it! It is imperative in preventing the spread of possible illnesses, parasites, etc as many are airborne and/or transferable via clothing. If you are concerned about my level of care, practices, etc I am more than happy to talk them over and provide you with pictures or videos!

To go about selecting your rats I take photos with descriptions between 8-12 weeks of age, depending on the line. These rats have been handled and exposed to varying situations and selected for the best health and temperament before I make them available! I reserve the right to offer certain rats if I feel they will be a better fit for your environment, family, etc.

PRICING My rats are currently $40 for standard size an $50 for dwarf. That is subject to change for certain, harder to produce varieties and longer standing lines. Older adults are often available and released at a discount. I do not charge different rates for colors, most fur types, dumbo ears, etc. I also plan to offer neutered bucks within the next year, which will be a bit more expensive.

I do not condone housing lone rats in most cases and only sell same sex pairs or larger groups!

Rat reservations will be first-come first-serve to approved buyers who’ve submitted an application. I will open a limited wait-list prior to each litter and close it when full. I require a $10 per rat non-refundable, non-transferable (unless illness or other issues pop up on my end) deposit to hold your rats within 24 hours of claiming them. Non-refundable deposits for delivery will also be due at that time.

This is not build-a-rat, so please understand that I cannot cater to every desired rat variety (as much as I’d like to have them all!) However, I will cater to squishy, friendly, healthy rats that you’ll fall in love and try to match you with rats similar to what you’re looking for! Sometimes this means I only have blacks, Himalayan, pink/red eyes, etc because genetics love to throw curve balls. The same goes for sex as the variation of sexes in each litter is wide and a game of chance. Some litters I may only have females, some males, some none because it was too small. I too, have to hold back some in order to continue the lines and allow my girls to retire.